Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Graham's History with Cameras

Here is a chronological List of the Camera's I have owned and Loved,

This was my first Camera I owned Age 7, An Ilford Sporti.I remember taking pictures in my Grandma's back yard it took 120 roll film.Brought Second Hand.
The Russian made Zenith E was my first SLR camera aged 9 years old. It has an M42 Screw mount for interchangeable lenses.I got a cheap 500mm Lens later on for bird photography.The Camera had a buil in external light meter.Brought second Hand.

Age 11 I got the Praktica MTL3 this was also a M42 Screw mount but had the advantage of through the lens metering,Brought second Hand.
Here is the Enlarger I used in those days, set up in my bedroom.Its a Zenith

My awesome microflex Medium Format ,possibly my favourite camera cost $80.00

The Olympus OM10 at Age 14 was my first Auto exposure Camera , with a different OM lens mount, I got a 28mm 50mm and 80-200mm Lens for this Camera.Brought Second Hand.
At age 16 I got a second hand OM2n and used the two Olympus bodies for the next 8 years.
The shutter gave out on the OM10 after 4 years and I continued using just the OM2n untill the shutter went on this as well. I brought another OM2n Body at age 22.

All my Equipment was brought Second hand and Sold to Upgrade.
My daughter now owns the OM2n and Lenses as well as a Canon ti
The Sony Tr 81 hi8 was my first Video Camera Brought at age 25 and edited onto a SVHS Deck.
I went to Film school 
Shot a few projects on this Camera.

 And Shot a Film School Project on this Camera.

The brought the Sony V5000 Brand new
And edited this footage using the Video Toaster

And Two of these 3/4 edit decks.

Doing a dissolve on the Video Toaster was a big Deal in those Days.

This Betacam Sp Camera I borrowed a few Times .

My first Non-Linear edit suite was a Miro DC30 in a Pc running adobe Premiere Version 1
It was a nightmare.
Then finally Final Cut version one came along and saved me.
 The Optura Pi was my first Firewire enabled Camera I ownedthis worked great with the Graphite DV G3 Imac.

I completed a few projects on this borowed Dvx2000

My next System upgrade was to a G4 imac with final cut studio 2.
And the Canon Gl2 which I still use today.
The G5 imac gave great performance enhancement to Final cut studio 2 .
Especially when using 720Progressive footage with the dvx 100 , this camera I used a lot and traded time for its use by teachingVideo Production Classes.

I worked as a Camera Trainee on a  Production Last Year on three of these

The Red one Camera with the Mx chip upgrade.

My latest computer is a 2011 Macbook Pro.

Running Adobe Production Suite CS5.5

And shooting on The Canon 5D Mark 11

Next week I start on a Feature Being shot on

The Red EPIC 5K
I Have set up my laptop so it Can Edit the 5 K epic footage using the adobe epic/ scarlet importer.

Its been quite the Ride.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The Fixed Scarlet That never happened is made by JVC.

                                                           JVC GY-HMQ10 video camera

It's powered by a Falconbird LSI chip, toting a 10 x optical zoom and a 0.5-inch 8-megapixel CMOS that'll record footage at a resolution of 3840 x 2160. The chip's USP is its ability to process the footage as it's being recorded rather than storing it for post processing later. It'll compress the video down enough, in real time, that you'll be able to store up to two hours of 4K video on sufficiently equipped SDHC card. You can also crop out images on the 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen. It'll set you back $5,000 when it arrives in March.

And Coming soon a Larger sensor Interchangeable Version

Here are a couple of Video Links for these Two Cameras

Video about JVC 4K camera

Video about JVC 60P 4K Camera

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Nikon D4 Versus Canon 5D

Nikon has just released a new Full Frame DSLR the D4.
Here are a few of the Specs.
  • 16.2 effective megapixel, full-frame sensor (16.6MP total)
  • 10fps shooting with AF and AE, 11fps with focus and exposure locked, 24fps 2.5MP grabs
  • 91,000 pixel sensor for metering, white balance, flash exposure, face detection and active d-lighting
  • ISO Range 100-12,800 (extendable from 50 – 204,800)
  • MultiCAM 3500FX Autofocus sensor works in lower light and with smaller apertures
  • Two sub-selector joystick/buttons for shooting orientation
  • 1080p30 HD video at up to 24Mbps with uncompressed video output
  • New EN-EL18 battery (21.6Wh capacity, CIPA-rated at 2600 shots)
  • Twin card slots - one Compact Flash and one XQD

Planet 5D article on Nikon D4 Video Capabilities

The Camera is some what comparable to the Canon 5D Mark11 so how do they compare ?

 Reasons to buy the Nikon D4
Screen size
Large screen
Viewfinder size
Large viewfinder
Weather sealed
Weather sealed
Shoot in extreme weather
Continuous shooting
Rapid fire
11 fps
Sensor size
Large sensor
Full frame 36.0x24.0mm
In-camera HDR
Combines multiple exposures

Reasons to buy the Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Low light performance
Low noise at high ISO
1,815 ISO
Overall image quality
Great image quality
Color depth
Great color depth
23.7 bits
Viewfinder size
Large viewfinder
True resolution
High true resolution
21 MP
Weather sealed
Weather sealed
Shoot in extreme weather


Advantages of the Canon 5D Mark II

Much smaller 152x114x75 mm vs 160x157x91 mm
More than 40% smaller

True resolution
Higher true resolution 21 MP vs 15.9 MP
Capture more than 30% more detail in your photos

Much lighter 850 g vs 1,340 g
Around 40% lighter

Much thinner 3" vs 3.6"
Around 20% thinner

Lowest price
Much cheaper $1,500.00 vs $5,947.18
The best price we've seen is $4,447 cheaper (4x less)

Viewfinder size
Slightly larger viewfinder 0.71x vs 0.70x
Almost the same

Lens availability
Slightly more lenses available 125 lenses vs 121 lenses
Almost the same

Advantages of the Nikon D4

Continuous shooting
Shoots much faster 11 fps vs 3.9 fps
Around 3x faster continuous shooting

Focus points
Many more focus points 51 vs 9
Set focus accurately within the frame

Screen size
Larger screen 3.2" vs 3.0"
Around 10% larger screen

Battery life
Much longer battery life 2600 shots vs 850 shots
More than 3x more shots per battery charge

Movie continuous focus
Continuous video focus Yes vs No
Record movies without worrying about focus

Has in-camera HDR Yes vs No
Combines multiple exposures to capture high dynamic range

Light sensitivity (boost)
Better boost ISO 204,800 ISO vs 25,600 ISO
The D4's boost ISO is 3 f-stops better

Cross type focus points
Significantly more cross-type focus points 15 vs 1
Grab focus in difficult situations

Video autofocus Contrast detection vs None
Automatically focuses shooting video

Light sensitivity
Better maximum light sensitivity 12,800 ISO vs 6,400 ISO
The D4's maximum light sensitivity is 1 f-stop better

Storage slots
Has more storage slots 2 vs 1
More slots allows storing more images without switching memory cards

Viewfinder coverage
Better viewfinder coverage 100% vs 98%
Almost the same