Monday, November 21, 2011

Canon 5d Mk11 with CS5.5

Canon 5d Mk11 with CS5.5 is the most fun combination I have ever used in my film and stills career.

The Portability of the Canon 5D Mk11 with the 28-105 f4 Lens makes it an easy combination to take anywhere.

 I have been shooting in manual mode for video, initially with the Technicolour Scene Profile, but have had problems with this in Premiere CS5.5  as you are suppose to be able to import a software plugin called Lut Buddy, to apply a S-Curve colourization to your footage but I could not  get this to install,  so I have reverted to using the normal scene profile.
I shoot at 30 fps whenever possible and use iso ratings of  160,320, 640, 960 or 1280 increments of 160,
manually adjusting focus and iris to obtain correct footage.

I have been shooting with the Zucoto Finder 3x, an external viewfinder that I have found to be very well built and invaluable to use.

The Gorilla base plate is very nicely machined and the finder sits firmly on the back of the camera and is easy to remove for using the optical viewfinder when shooting stills.
The stills from this camera are amazing.

Here is a picture of my rig.

I am using Manfrotto 055CLB sticks with the 501 video head.

For editing I have been using an i7 Macbook Pro with 4 gigs of RAM with Adobe CS5.5 Production Suite.

I am new to adobe Premiere after being a Final Cut editor for over ten years.
I have to say I love being able to import my h264 footage from the canon 5d Mark11 without any file rendering.
The footage plays back smoothly and looks incredible.
I have used the Adobe After Effects warp stabilizer and this works really well.
As I say, this is the most fun I have had mainly because of the combination of portability and high quality.
Take Care 
Graham Foulkes
High-End Digital

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Scarlet X and Canon eos c300

The Scarlet X is announced.
Shown here is the basic shooting package without lenses costing $15,000.

The Canon eos c300 is announced.

The basic shooting Package without lens is estimated at $20,000.

Link to Video explaining these Great releases

Personally I would recommend everyone to rush out and buy a Scarlet X immediately .

Yes it is a lot of money, but the quality of the image for the price is amazing.

Here is some more Technical specs.