Monday, October 24, 2011

Reflection On One Month With 5dmk11

I recently purchased a 5d mk11 with the 24-105mm Kit Lens.

I have been shooting on a daily basis with this camera for the last month, both in stills and video mode.
I have been using a Manfrotto 501 video head and 55 sticks, which has been a great combination.
The 24-105mm f4.0 is an excellent crisp lens and I have been very happy with its stills and video images. I am looking forward to trying other lenses. Next on my list would be canon 600 mm f4.0 for its long reach, as I am an avid bird watcher .

Or even better check this out

My recording media has been 32 Gig Accummen pro CF cards. They have worked very well.
The provided battery gives great record times. For professional shoots, be on the safe side and carry two or more batteries as they take two hours to recharge.
Focusing in video "live" mode is a challenge, so I have ordered a Zucoto finder.
My focusing problems are also exaggerated, as I am using the technicolour scene profile to provide more latitude for colour correction in post. This produces a very flat neutral image while shooting.

My Camera settings are best described in this video

This camera is a lot of FUN. The provided software allows for timelapse recording and full remote functionality of camera.

I am planning on buying the Adobe Production Suite CS5.5 to augment this camera.

 This will be running on a 15 "Macbook Pro with 8 gig of ram, 7500rpm hard drive and the AMD Radeon HD 6770m video card. This combination will allow realtime editing of the h264 Codec that the camera produces.

Audio is also a problem with this camera, so a dual system is required for professional use.
I am planning to use my Mbox with the Audition software provided in CS5.5 Production Suite to allow for 24 bit recording with XLR inputs. This will allow for use of shotgun mikes or lapel mikes depending on the recording situation.

Take care till next time.