Friday, June 24, 2011

The changing world of production.

The worlds of Film making and computer technology go hand in hand these days. Tapeless aquisition is common place and work flows to deal with this media have become more advanced. CF cards have become faster and more stable SSD drives can hold larger record times. External recorders can provide even better codecs .

Software companies are constantly updating editing software colour correction and software updates for cameras .What this means is that with each software development we can get more out of the images that we have already got . Some of the work that red are doing with their colour science and redcode updates for camera is an example of this as are the software updates for  DSLR cameras for canon 5Dmk2 for example. The fact that Red cameras shoot in a RAW uncompessed file means that you can change many parameters about the picture that would otherwise be baked in to a codec of some kind. Colour correction is really improved with R3d files .

On set software for backup and playback  such as the Foundary have been providing a good workflow for instant dailies and transcoding with hardware acceleration by a RED rocket card . In the editing world things have changed with the release of two main editing suite updates from Final cut X and Adobe Premiere . If I had a Dslr camera I would consider using Final cut X but for red it will not work with its native R3d files. This is working however in Adobe premiere which is cool and can be paid for on a monthly basis. Also Adobe Premiere will work on a Pc or Mac with Snow leopard  or windows 7  both at 64bit . Cuda enabled video cards give the best performance you can actually view up to 5K epic R3d files native files. So the die hard final cut pro mac user that i have been for so long will  be switching not only camera  and new Adobe cs5.5 edit software to go with it at the same time and maybe switching to a PC.