Friday, July 9, 2010

Lumix GH1

The DMC-GH1 is not just a high performance still picture camera. Amazingly it can record    Full-HD movies at 1080/24p or smooth HD movies at 720/60p in AVCHD with a continuous AF function. 

The Lumix Gh1 has many great features for its price. The stock lens is awesome check this out.       Sample footage

Here is a quick overview of the camera

This is another

The downside to this camera is its limited lens choices compared to Canon DSLRS,
Serious audio will need an external recorder  like  one of these............

 The GH1 has a secret, with the Ptools firmware hack from Tester13, the GH1 can shoot true 1080P 24fps with no pulldown at 50Mbs. And since both cameras use h.264 compression, with the software hack, the GH1 is compressing the data from its sensor far less.

The GH1 is a far more usable camera than the 5D, First off, for shooting video you can’t beat the fold out LCD screen on the GH1. It’s just better than the Live View screen on the 5D, period, even with a Z-finder.

Good specs on this sight here for canadians 

                                                                    Canadian Buyers

Digital Acquisition

The exciting thing about the future of cameras is that high quality stills and video are becoming available in one modular camera system .

Thursday, July 8, 2010